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  • Python
  • JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Django
  • Flask
  • GSAP/Greensock
  • Rust
  • SQL (Postgres)
  • Vue, Vuex, Vue-Router
  • Nuxt
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Docker
  • C++
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • NoSQL (Firestore, MongoDB)

Job Titles

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Software Developer
  • Full-Stack Engineer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Front-End Engineer
  • Front-End Developer

About Me

My name is Jace Medlin, and I'm a software architect. (Hi, Jace)

If you take a trip to the other planets, you can find out more about what I do, what I've done, and what I'm good at.

If you want to learn a little bit about myself as a person and how I got to be where I am today, well... this is the planet for you.

I was born in a shack down in Mississippi to two poor farmers by the names of "Marcus" and "Joannabelle." My four olders sisters and six younger brothers were all very eager to meet their new sibling, but they weren't prepared for the stubbornness and determination that would follow me. Mama always said I shot out like a cannon, ready t' take on the world.

"You shot out like a cannon, ready t' take on the world," she used to say.

Growing up in rural, Southern poverty, we never had the money for food. We had to learn to live off the land, and since our farm was often plagued with droughts and pests, daddy used to have to take the fourteen of us hunting. Because we only had one gun, we all had to take turns shooting at the game. Early on, we'd lose out many times due to the fact that we couldn't find any prey, or we'd get so caught up in the jumbled mess of passing the gun back and forth that the animal we were shooting at would get away. This meant we'd have to resort to scraping roadkill off the road, and that would be the only food our family would get to eat for the next 6-7 days.

Well, as you might've guessed, roadkill sucks. It's tough, bland, and there's usually not much of it. When I turned about 3, I flat-out refused to eat it. Instead, while everyone else was eating, I'd take the rest of the bullets we were rationed for that day, and I'd go practice shooting in our 16-acre backyard. Soon I started making every shot when it was my turn, and eating roadkill became a thing we all looked back on and laughed at. I was an even better shot than my three sisters. I was so good, in fact, that I won the golden bullet in the annual Mississippi state-wide Shoot-o-Rama-thon 14 years in a row. After those fourteen years, I realized shooting wasn't fun to me any longer, and, despite my ma and pa's persistence, I stopped going. Mama always said I was the most ornery of the bunch.

"You always was the most ornery of the bunch," she used to say.

I got bored, because I found my true love when I was around six: software engineering. It all stemmed from the first day I could ever recall meeting my Uncle Clembo. He and Pa were joking around about the days when they were kids, and Uncle Clembo got out his old IBM-PC and typed up this short little adventure game in Fortran 77. I can still remember it today: "Dungeon Quest." When I saw that game, it immediately struck me. Not long after, I asked Uncle Clembo if he would teach me to code too, and, after a little hesitation, he finally agreed. It took me a long four days, but by the end, I had written my own operating system in my very own programming language.

Around the age of nine, I started my first business - a little web development firm that grew from just me to over 16,000 employees in the first year. After doing that for a few years, I started my next business. Then another. Pretty soon, I was starting successful businesses every week, and selling them for huge profits. I was so successful, in fact, that I was on the front page of Mississippi's Building Us Tomorrow's Technology (BUTT) magazine.

But one day, I realized I was sick of starting businesses. I wanted to go back to my roots and start building software again. As you might've guessed, Uncle Clembo was proud. The rest of my family, however, didn't understand. They never did, I suppose. Mama always said I ain't never had much sense.

"You ain't never had much sense," she used to say.

Maybe mama was right all along. But that never stopped me.

Notable Projects

memento - File Storage/Management Web App

  • Created Vue and JavaScript (ES6) front-end
  • Crafted Flask backend and used Google Cloud Storage and Firestore
  • Switchable page language via a pre-translated JSON file
  • Built site-wide upload/download encryption/decryption

Sheri's Shaved Ice - Inventory Management Webapp

  • Lead, mentored, and managed a small team of developers
  • Designed the database, front-end, and back-end infrastructure
  • Vue frontend built on a Django backend, served with Nginx on a DigitalOcean droplet running Ubuntu

Fara the Film Bot - Twitter Film Recommendation Bot

  • Used the Twitter, Google Drive, and Taste Dive APIs in tandem with automatically downloaded IMDB data files
  • All done in Python
  • The bot would tweet an initial film, then, depending on Twitter interaction, it would either tweet a similar movie or something completely different

Relevant Interests

I attend local tech meetups and participate in coding contests and hackathons. Every year I compete at Hack4Good - a Springfield, MO weekend-long hackathon where teams and individuals get together and build an app for a local business (generally a nonprofit). In 2017 my team won second place. In 2018 I led my own team. In 2019 I competed by myself - here's a link to my presentation for that year.

I'm also a huge AI nut majorly curious about machine consciousness. Only when I have amassed my robot army and dominated this puny planet you call "Earth" will my lust for power finally be quenched.